Why A Blog:

Yes, another gal starting a blog. Ya ya ya. I feel as though I have fair reasons so hear me out.

Reason 1: I am currently in China after my boyfriend landed a position on a professional hockey team here. I am thinking this will be the easiest way to update everyone interested. I wish I had started this the day he left, as maybe it would have saved me from the past four months which have been a never-ending loop of me talking constantly about Jordan and his life and what it means for me. Sorry to anyone who’s had to deal and thank you to those who suggested starting a blog!

Reason 2: I love writing! Which makes starting a blog very enticing and the need for viewers insignificant. Writing is something I enjoy doing and so I will write!

Reason 3: I am in China for two more months while unemployed and taking only two online courses. I not only have a lot of extra time on my hands, I am also spending a lot of time in my head and I am hoping to be inspired creatively and intellectually.

Reason 4: I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and a blog can be quite handy as a portfolio for any opportunities I may chase. It also gives me the opportunity to practice and develop a skill that is extremely important for the careers I am interested in.

Reason 5: A great thing to look back on one day, a blog recording significant points in mine and Jordan’s life. More grown up than a diary, less likely to be destroyed in a fire or a flood or something.

Reason 6: In today’s world, it’s no secret what an online presence can do for a person. Especially someone looking at a future in media. Especially someone who’s involved in the modelling world where your online presence acts as a résumé. Maybe this blog can offer some digital contribution to wherever life my life takes me.

When I am onto something, I usually don’t stop until it’s finished. That is why this entire blog, this post and the next one were created in one night. No promises that this speed will continue as I am not intending for any scheduled updating, just casual posting when there’s something worth writing about. Thank you all for reading and if you interested there is a form on the right for subscribing to my postings!

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