Pender Island


Pender Island is made up of two small islands, North and South Pender. The two islands are connected by a bridge and are often referred to as one island. The ferry arrives on North Pender and the reception is being held on North Pender. The ceremony location is still TBD. North Pender is home to a lot more amenities. However, South Pender is a lot quieter and has beautiful parks and great scenery. Either island would be a great choice for your stay as it’s very easy to drive between both islands.

The weather on the island is often similar to the mainland but just a little milder. Summer months are usually around the 18-20 degree range and rain is rare. At night it does cool off due to ocean breezes.

We do recommend driving to the island as it can be hard to get around without a car. Cabs are very limited as is public transportation. 


There are tons of hiking options around Pender. There are also lots of beaches and waterfront trails. A major recommendation from us would be the Disc Golf Park. See below for a list of other recommendations from us:

  • Mt Norman Hike
  • Beaumont Marine Park Hike
  • Roesland Trail
  • Gowlland Point
  • Oak Bluffs
  • Kayaking
  • Port Browning Pub
  • Pender Island Golf and Country Club
  • Saturday Fair at the Pender Island Community Hall


The Driftwood Center acts as the Island’s town center. This is where the grocery store, liquor store, gas station, pharmacy and other shopping options are located. This is likely where you will find anything you need during your stay on Pender!