The Party


jordan and luc


Lucas and Jordan met at the very beginning of their high school days. Since then, they have been like brothers to each other. Much has changed in their lives from the days in 8th grade playing video games and high school sports together. Unfortunately, they can no longer spend all their free time together playing cards and drinking bubble tea. The one constant between them has been their friendship that continues to stay strong even when they are living on opposite sides of the world. Lucas has taught Jordan many things in life simply by being himself. Through his passion for the things he loves, his compassion for others, and his welcoming attitude at all times. Jordan has learned countless lessons from just being friends with Lucas. Being able to call Luc the best man at his wedding is an honor and a privilege for Jordan. There is no one else who could be more suited for the job.



Mat and Jordan have known each other as acquaintances through hockey for quite awhile. They would see each other at tryout camps and spring tournaments when they were young. Luckily for them, they both ended up playing for Simon Fraser University and they became very good friends during these days. Mat’s dedication to hockey and school are a couple of things that stand out about him. It’s impossible to replicate how hard he works at both. Jordan has tried at times and hasn’t even come close. On top of that, he is also one of the nicest people to be around which left no doubt in Jordan’s mind about asking him to be a groomsman.

jordan and joey


Joey is one of Jordan’s oldest friends. They met in kindergarten and would spend many weekends together as kids playing hockey in either Joey’s driveway or Jordan’s basement. Joey is that friend that you can always hang out with no matter what it is you plan on doing. A hockey game is on? Go watch at Joey’s. Kinda bored and wanting to go to the driving range? Joey’s in. He’s one of the most easy-going people and one of the easiest people to get along with (even when he’s trying to be annoying). Jordan has always said that Joey and his parents can take full credit for Jordan’s first interest in hockey. For this, Jordan will be forever grateful. Without Joey, Jordan may have never found his love for the game that he now calls a job. It’s hard for Jordan to imagine where he would be without hockey, and in turn, without Joey.

adam and jordan 2


Adam and Jordan met in Jordan’s last year of junior hockey. During that hockey season, these two formed a friendship that to this day still has them chirping each other constantly. From their last year of junior to their first and last days of university hockey, Adam and Jordan were there to watch each other grow through their early to mid-twenties. They even took the same degree at SFU and much of Adam’s education is thanks to Jordan’s hard work. Just kidding (but not really). Jordan could not have asked for a better friend to go through classes with. Adam’s sense of humor is unmatched and he made the nightmare of school work an enjoyable experience. It’s friends like Adam that you want around as much as possible to keep a smile on your face. Maybe he won’t always make you laugh, but you can always laugh at him.


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Alex and Alannah are what you would expect of sisters with a two year age difference. Super close and the best of friends until someone borrows something without asking. Then they don’t talk for a few days. Besides that, Alannah and Alex are so close that they love to do everything and anything together (as long as they’re in the same place). With Alex moving away to chase her dream of ballet, Alannah definitely doesn’t get to see as much of Alex as she wants. But no matter how much time they spend apart, they always get right back to where they were. This is because of how fun, wild and loving Alex is. She makes any time a good time and everyone would agree. Despite Alex being the little sister, she is a role model to Alannah for how much dedication and discipline she displays daily with her ballet. Choosing Alex to be her maid of honor was an easy choice for Alannah. There is no one she would want by her side more on such an important day.

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Robyn and Alannah met six years ago while playing hockey (that’s gonna get repetitive). It’s amazing how close they’ve grown after only playing hockey together for two years before Robyn moved away for school. Thanks to social media and group chats, they never missed a beat and they have grown close over their similar interests and tastes in fashion, photography and more. Robyn is a creative soul who is always thinking about ways to do better and Alannah enjoys the aura of such an artistic person who sees the good in the world. Being around Robyn reminds Alannah that schedules are not that important and enjoying life is. Traveling Europe with Robyn was one of the best times of Alannah’s life and created an even stronger bond between the two of them. Robyn is so fun and positive that having her in the wedding party was no question. Plus, her Pinterest boards have been super helpful in the wedding planning so far. 

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Jenni and Alannah also met six years ago while playing hockey. Since then, they’ve been forced to be apart as Jenni moved away for school, and right when she moved back to Vancouver, Alannah went to China. Despite the distances they’ve faced, they’ve remained close friends who are always able to pick up where they left off. Jenni is a super hard working gal who has always found a way to make the world her oyster. In fact, she’s the only 22-year-old Alannah knows who has life completely figured out. The first to move out, the first to get a “big girl” job, the first to travel all around the world. Jenni’s value for life is inspiring and so is the importance she places on friendships. Jenni is amazingly gracious, always honest, and often plays the role of comic relief. Being a great friend is only one of the best things about Jenni. There are so many other great things about her that choosing Jenni to be a bridesmaid was easy for Alannah. (And just so you know, one of these great things is the throwback playlist she has perfected).

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Hayley and Alannah ALSO met six years ago while playing hockey (yeah, they all met at the same time). Throughout the years, they have been teammates, best friends, travel partners, confidants, venting outlets, you name it. Hayley is such a level-headed person who sees every possible angle that she is naturally the person Alannah goes to for advice. It has been this way since they met. Her loyalty and non-judgmental attitude are unmatched. Hayley is one of the nicest, warmest girls you will ever meet who is willing to help anyone in any way, no matter how it inconveniences her. She goes out of her way too often to make sure that everyone feels included and loved. Love is a major word that comes to mind when Alannah thinks of Hayley due to her constant selflessness and available shoulder. With her organization skills and knack for planning (not to mention her major presence in Alannah’s life) Hayley was an easy choice to stand with Alannah on her big day.